Inauguration of the first vertiport terminal in Europe

At 115 square metres, the Vertiport terminal brings together key technical components for future electric aircraft. It has been designed and built by local companies using locally sourced materials wherever possible. 🇫🇷

👉 The terminal includes vertical take-off and landing areas, passenger terminal, maintenance hangar and control areas. In addition, its modular design allows for quick and easy construction, generating less construction waste and greater flexibility.

👉 It will be the test bed for the planned 2024 experimentation and the upcoming launch of services for passenger travel, vehicle integration, ground movement procedures and cargo operations; and flight scheduling and passenger information.

👉 The test flight was conducted by the Volocopter, which, integrated into conventional airspace, cohabited with another aircraft to demonstrate the interaction between ground infrastructure and eVTOL aircraft.

Source: Volocopter.

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