Secure Payment

Commitment to Security

At Firius, we prioritize the security and trust of our customers, especially when dealing with transactions in the aerospace raw materials sector. We are committed to providing a safe and secure online shopping experience.

Advanced Encryption Technology

All payment transactions on our platform are encrypted using state-of-the-art Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This ensures that your sensitive payment information, such as credit card details, is transmitted securely over the internet.

Payment Process and Custodial Period

Upon placing an order, Firius will collect the payment from the buyer. This amount will be held in custody by Firius until 15 days after the material has been received by the buyer. If everything is in order and there are no disputes, the payment will then be released to the seller. This process ensures both the buyer's and seller's interests are protected, fostering trust within our marketplace.

Payment Partners

We partner with reputable payment gateways and financial institutions to process transactions. These partners adhere to international standards of data security and protection, ensuring that your payment details remain confidential and are not shared with any third parties.

Regular Security Audits

To further enhance our security measures, we regularly undergo security audits and constantly update our systems to tackle emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Personal Data Protection

While we take all necessary steps to secure your payment details, we also prioritize the protection of your personal data. We adhere to strict data protection regulations and ensure that your personal information is stored securely and is only used for the purpose of processing your order.

Stay Informed

For added security, always ensure that when making a payment on our platform, the website URL begins with "https://" and look for the padlock symbol in the address bar. We also recommend regularly updating your passwords and using unique combinations to further protect your account.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns or questions regarding our payment security measures or the payment process, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. We're here to assist and ensure you have a confident and secure shopping experience with Firius.

Thank you for trusting Firius with your aerospace raw materials needs.