Data protection policy

This portal (hereinafter, “Portal”) is owned by Firius Technology SL (hereinafter, “Firius”), an online services company that allows the presentation and consultation of offers of industrial raw materials (hereinafter, “Materials”), as well as its commercialization among user companies. Firius has created a Marketplace that allows Sellers and Buyers to relate, from now on jointly designated as Participants, and the closing of contracts for the sale of Materials.

Our data is as follows:

Firius Technology, SL 

Carmona Logistics Park, Block LB Nave 1, A-4. Km 525

41410 Carmona (Sevilla) SPAIN

E-mail address:

CIF Number B05450218.

When you browse the Firius Platform and use its online sales services, our services collect your personal data.

The purpose of this data protection policy is to inform you about:

  • the way we collect and process your personal data
  • the cookies that we install in your navigation terminal


Your personal information 


1. Responsible for the treatment

The personal data that concerns you, collected for the execution of your orders on the Firius platform, are processed jointly by the company FIRIUS TECHNOLOGY SL, the company that operates the Firius Platform, the Seller to whom an order is placed and the Buyer who place an order.

The processing of your personal data is carried out under the responsibility of the company FIRIUS TECHNOLOGY SL for the purposes of commercial prospecting, navigation analysis, audience measurement, behavioral advertising, statistical studies, as well as to carry out satisfaction surveys and fight against fraud banking.



2. Why do we process your data and on what legal basis?

Purpose Legal base
Management of orders placed through the Firius Platform (payment, delivery, customer service, relationship with the seller, etc.)  execution of sales contracts
Analysis of navigation on the Platform to improve our services legitimate interest of FIRIUS TECHNOLOGY SL
Carrying out satisfaction surveys to improve our services legitimate interest of FIRIUS TECHNOLOGY SL
Carrying out statistical studies on the use of our Platform and our services legitimate interest of FIRIUS TECHNOLOGY SL


Commercial prospecting legitimate interest of FIRIUS TECHNOLOGY SL
Behavioral advertising Prior consent
Prevent and fight bank fraud legitimate interest of FIRIUS TECHNOLOGY SL
Facilitate purchases (registration of bank details) Prior consent
Audience measurement Prior consent
Detect and prevent fraudulent and illegal activities on the Platform (such as stopping robot attacks) legitimate interest of FIRIUS TECHNOLOGY SL
Personalized advertising based on your browsing, your profile and the data you have provided us Prior consent
Sample of personalized platform content based on your browsing, your profile and the data you have provided us Prior consent



3. What are the personal data processed?

We collect and treat especially:

  • the personal data entered in our Platform to create your account (email, name, surname, address, password, etc.)
  • the information regarding the orders placed on the Platform (purchased product, transaction number, delivery address, etc.)
  • the information related to your means of payment (bank card number, expiration date of the bank card, visual cryptogram) through a secure payment provider, the only one who has access to these data
  • if you have accepted your credit card registration: information about your credit card (name of the credit card holder, the last 4 digits of the credit card number and its expiration date) to a secure payment provider , who only has access to this data
  • the information transmitted when contacting the customer service or the seller through the Firius Platform (content of the messages, nature of the claim, return of products, etc.)
  • your connection and browsing data on the Firius Platform (IP address, products and pages consulted or searched)
  • the data related to the consultation of the emails that we send you for statistical and commercial prospecting purposes
  • the information you communicate when you write a comment on the Platform
  • information about the ads you view
  • the information provided when you participate in promotional operations, games, contests or events that we organize.



4. how long do we keep your data?

We only keep your data in our database for the time necessary to carry out what they were collected for and we archive them with restricted access for an additional time to respect our legal and / or regulatory obligations regarding filing and the prescription periods in force. After that additional period, your data will be definitively deleted from our databases.



5. obligations of the person in charge of the treatment

The person in charge of the treatment and all his personnel are obliged to:

Use the personal data to which you have access as a result of the provision of the service only for the purpose of this order. In no case may you use the data for your own purposes.

Treat the data in accordance with the documented instructions of the controller. If the person in charge of the treatment considers that any of the instructions provided violates the General Data Protection Regulation or any other provision on data protection, the person in charge will immediately inform the person in charge.

Do not communicate or disseminate the data to third parties, unless you have the express authorization of the person responsible for the treatment or in the legally admissible cases. If the person in charge wants to subcontract, totally or partially, the services that are the object of this contract, he must inform the person in charge and request his prior authorization.

Maintain the duty of secrecy regarding the personal data to which you have had access by virtue of this order, even after the contract ends.

Guarantee that the persons authorized to process personal data undertake, expressly and in writing, to respect confidentiality and to comply with the corresponding security measures, of which the person in charge must inform them appropriately.

Keep at the disposal of the person in charge the supporting documentation of the fulfillment of the obligation established in the previous section.

Guarantee the necessary training in the protection of personal data of the persons authorized to process personal data.

Notification of data security breaches:

The person in charge of the treatment will notify the person in charge of the treatment, without undue delay and through the email address indicated by the person in charge, of the violations of the security of the personal data in his charge of which he has knowledge, together with all the information relevant for the documentation and communication of the incident. Likewise, it will notify any failure that it has suffered in its information treatment and management systems and that may endanger the security of the personal data processed, its integrity or availability, as well as any possible violation of confidentiality as a consequence of the placing In the knowledge of third parties of the data and information accessed during the execution of the contract.

The following information will be provided, as a minimum:

  1. a) Description of the nature of the personal data security breach, including, when possible, the categories and approximate number of affected interested parties, and the categories and approximate number of affected personal data records.
  2. b) Data of the contact person for more information.
  3. c) Description of the possible consequences of the violation of the security of personal data.
  4. d) Description of the measures adopted or proposed to remedy the violation of the security of personal data, including, if applicable, the measures adopted to mitigate the possible negative effects.

If it is not possible to provide the information simultaneously, and to the extent that it is not, the information will be provided gradually without undue delay.

Make available to the person in charge all the information necessary to demonstrate compliance with their obligations, as well as to allow and contribute to the performance of the audits or inspections carried out by the person in charge or another auditor authorized by him.

Help the data controller to implement the necessary security measures to:

  1. a) Guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, availability and permanent resilience of the treatment systems and services.
  2. b) Restore the availability and access to personal data quickly, in the event of a physical or technical incident.
  3. c) Verify, evaluate and assess, on a regular basis, the effectiveness of the technical and organizational measures implemented to guarantee the security of the treatment.

The person in charge of the treatment will not keep personal data related to the treatments carried out unless it is strictly necessary for the provision of the service object of the contract and only for the minimum essential time.

Once the provision of the service object of the contract is completed, the person in charge of the treatment will delete, return to the person in charge or deliver, where appropriate, to a new manager, as determined by Firius Technologies SL, all the personal data.

The destruction of the data does not proceed when there is a legal provision that requires its conservation, in which case it must be returned to the person in charge who will guarantee its conservation, duly blocked, while such obligation persists.

The return must entail the total erasure of the existing data in the computer equipment used by the person in charge. However, the person in charge may keep a copy of the data, duly blocked, while responsibilities may arise from the execution of the services provided to the person responsible for the treatment.



6. obligations of the data controller

Corresponds to the person responsible for the treatment:

  • Provide the person in charge with access to the equipment so that he can provide the contracted service.
  • Ensure, previously and throughout the treatment, compliance with the current provisions on data protection by the person in charge of the treatment.
  • Supervise the treatment, including the possibility of requesting information to verify compliance with the obligations established in this contract.



7. to whom is your data transmitted?

Data destination:

  1. To our service providers

The service providers to whom we resort to subcontract the treatment, total or partial, of your data (hosting the Platform and data, maintenance, sending order confirmation emails, emailing, secure payment) have access to your data. , etc.).

Our subcontractors present the guarantees required by the applicable regulations regarding the protection of personal data. They can only access the data necessary to carry out their services and are not authorized to process them for other purposes. In addition, we sign an agreement with each of them to guarantee the security and integrity of your data as well as a treatment that fully respects the applicable regulations.

  1. To the sellers of the Platform and their carriers

The data necessary to manage your orders are transmitted to sellers from whom you buy a product through the Firius Platform, and to buyers who send you an order through the Firius Platform.

The data necessary for the delivery of your order is also transmitted to the carrier of your choice or to the carrier proposed at the time of the order.

  1. To the authorities

Personal data may be disclosed to authorities in accordance with a law, regulation or decision of a competent regulatory or judicial authority.

As a general rule, we undertake to respect all legal regulations that could prevent, limit or regulate the dissemination of information or data and to comply with the applicable regulations on data protection.

  1. In case of acquisition, merger, transfer of activity

If the company FIRIUS TECHNOLOGY SL or part of its activities were the object of an acquisition by a third party or a merger, we would inform them in advance of the transfer of their data and of the possibility of opposing said transfer.


8. What are your rights regarding your data and how to exercise them?

You have the right to obtain from our services:

  • confirmation that your personal data is being processed or not and access to it, if applicable;
  • the rectification of your personal data if they are inaccurate or incomplete, using the following form:

  • under certain conditions, the deletion of your personal data, using the following form:

  • under certain conditions, the limitation of the processing of your personal data, using the following form:

  • the portability of your personal data, using the following form:

  • You also have the right to object, under certain conditions, to the processing of your personal data.
  • For more information about your rights regarding your personal data, we encourage you to consult the website of the Spanish data protection agency AEPD:
  • You can also, at any time, oppose the processing of your data for commercial purposes and withdraw your consent to the processing of your data by our services for the purposes of behavioral advertising, browsing analysis and audience measurement, using the following form:

  • We also remind you that you have the right to file a complaint with the AEPD if you consider that your rights have not been respected.



How can you exercise your rights?

For any request for access, opposition, rectification, portability or limitation, you can send an email to the following address: in which it appears:

  • The purpose of your request is described
  • Enter your first and last name
  • The photocopy is attached to the front and back of your identity document or passport to allow us to verify your identity.
  • Attach one of the forms from the previous section, if applicable.

Our services will answer you as soon as possible and at the latest within a month from receipt of your request.

To object to the processing of your data for commercial prospecting purposes, you can send us an email to the following address:, or follow the unsubscribe link that appears in our promotional messages and in our newsletter.

Our services undertake to remove you as soon as possible from our mailing list.

To withdraw your consent to the processing of your data carried out by our services for the purposes of behavioral advertising, browsing analysis and audience measurements:

You can send us an email to the following address: or modify the parameters of your cookies.



Is your data transferred outside the European Union?

Some processing operations that we delegate to our subcontractors are carried out outside the European Union. Agreements have been signed with each of these borrowers to ensure that data transfers are carried out with maximum security and in full respect of the applicable and current regulations on data protection.


contact the data protection officer

For any questions about the processing of your personal data or to exercise your rights regarding your data, you can contact the Personal Data Protection Officer (DPD) or Data Protection Officer (DPO) appointed by FIRIUS TECHNOLOGY SL:

by email to the following address:;

by post to the following address: FIRIUS TECHNOLOGY SL Parque Logístico de Carmona, Block LB Nave 1, A-4. Km 525, 41410 Carmona (Sevilla) SPAIN


our cookies 

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small alphanumeric file that is installed on the terminal of the computer, smartphone, tablet, mobile, etc. of the User, at the time of their connection to the Platform.

What cookies are used on the platform?

On our platform, we use cookies to allow:

  • improve your navigation on the platform and allow you to use its different functions, in particular, to allow you to identify yourself and enter your user account
  • establish statistics and volumes of visits and use of the different components of the platform (sections and contents visited, route, date and time of the consultation, etc.), which allow to improve the interest and ergonomics of the platform
  • recognize your browser as an already registered visitor to remember all the preferences that can be sent when the browser uses the platform and, in particular, to remember your basket
  • show personalized advertising based on your browsing, your profile and the data you have provided us
  • customize the display of content on the platform based on your browsing, your profile and the data you have provided us
  • measure and analyze the audience of our platform
  • your access to the reserved and personal spaces of our platform, such as your account, through the use of identifiers or data that you have been able to entrust us
  • adopt security and fraud prevention measures.
  • The installation of cookies in the framework of the use of the Platform does not allow personal identification but records information related to the navigation of your terminal through the Platform that we may consult on subsequent visits to the Platform.
  • The information collected is for our exclusive use and that of our partners, and will not be transferred to third parties under any circumstances.

How are cookies disabled?

Regarding the configuration of cookies, you have several possibilities.

Remember that any configuration change could modify your Internet browsing and your conditions of access to certain services that require the use of cookies. We warn you that some functionalities necessary for browsing the Platform may be affected by changes made to the parameters (registration or viewing difficulties, etc).

If this is the case, we will not be held responsible for the observed malfunction.

You can choose at any time to indicate and modify your options regarding cookies, by the means described below.

Browser options to configure the cookie parameters:

You can configure your navigation program so that cookies are registered on your terminal or, conversely, to reject them, systematically or depending on the issuer.

You can also configure your navigation program to be able to accept or reject a cookie in a timely manner, before its installation on the terminal.

For the management of cookies and their options, the configuration of each browser is different and is described in the help menu of your browser where you can find out how to modify your preferences regarding cookies.

  • For Internet Explorer ™ 7 and 8:
  • For Internet Explorer ™ 9:
  • For Safari ™:
  • For Chrome ™: version 30 and following:

  • For Firefox ™: version 24 and following:

For the parameters of the audience measurement cookies:

If you do not want us to install audience measurement cookies on your terminal, you can click on the following link:, and register a cookie on your terminal whose sole purpose is to disable audience measurement services.

Attention: do not forget that this implies the issuance of a cookie. If you delete all the cookies registered in your terminal (through your browser), we will no longer know that you have chosen that preference.

For the cookie parameters of the Remarketing or “Similar Audiences” functionality of Google Inc.

Our website uses the Remarketing and Similar Audiences functionalities of Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States, “Google”) to analyze the behavior and centers of interest of visitors to our Platform.

The installation of cookies by Google allows us to analyze the use made of the Platform and thus create advertising based on its centers of interest, especially for:

create user profiles similar to those of visitors to our Platform (Similar Audiences);

propose personalized ads based on your journey through the Platform when you visit another web page on the Google Display Network (Remarketing).

You can permanently disable the use of cookies by Google through the following link, downloading and installing the plug-in:

You can also disable the use of third-party cookies by selecting the Network Advertising Initiative deactivation page at the following address: https: //

For more information on Google’s privacy policy, go to:

For the parameters of the Google Adwords conversion tracking cookies

We use the online advertising program “Google AdWords” on our website and, in this context, conversion tracking (evaluation of visits), an analysis service provided by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States, “Google”).

When you click on an ad served by Google, a conversion tracking cookie is placed on your computer. These cookies have a limited validity time, do not contain personal data and therefore are not used for personal identification purposes. If you visit certain pages of our Platform and that the cookie has not expired, we and Google will be able to identify that you have consulted the advertisement presented in the Google search engine and that you have been directed to that page.

The information obtained thanks to the conversion cookie is used to create conversion statistics. It indicates the total number of users who have consulted one of our ads and who have been directed to a page provided with a conversion tracking tag. However, we do not receive any information that allows us to personally identify users.

You can prevent the storage of cookies by selecting the appropriate technical parameters of your browser software. However, we warn you that, in such a case, you may not be able to use all the functionalities of the Platform and that you will not be included in the conversion tracking statistics.

You can also disable personalized advertising in your Google Ads ads settings. For more information, see:

You can also modify the parameters of use of cookies by third parties at the following link:

For more information and to consult Google’s privacy policy, go to: