The most buoyant industry?

Despite the continuing pilot shortage – a problem caused by the pandemic – the aviation industry wants to reinforce its workforce and show that it is stronger than it appears. In the meantime, Big Tech continues to go through a complex phase amid cutbacks.

📢 Boeing and Airbus, two of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, announce a hiring plan of approximately 23,000 jobs in total.

👉 Airbus plans to hire more than 13,000 people worldwide of which more than 9,000 will be in Europe. Boeing plans to hire about 10,000 employees for its business unit and engineering and manufacturing.

👉Hiring at Airbus will focus mainly on technical and manufacturing profiles to support the decarbonisation strategy. At Boeing, growth will be concentrated in the business, engineering and manufacturing units, all to meet airline demand.

Source: Xakata.

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