This is Starshield, the satellite constellation SpaceX wants to sell to the military

SpaceX Elon Musk’s company has decided to go for the jackpot: the military.

It is not the first time that SpaceX has been given the face of a military contractor, but with Starshield, the company goes further by offering any allied country that wants to have a constellation of satellites in low Earth orbit, either for the observation of the Ground, military communications, or integrating other payloads onto satellites.

While there are few details on the characteristics of these satellites, SpaceX has released a schematic drawing and a photo of what appears to be an actual orbiting prototype of a Starshield satellite, launched earlier this year.

Features of these satellites:
👉 They will offer end-to-end encryption.
👉 Modular design to integrate classified loads.
👉 Interoperability through laser connections.
👉SpaceX says that laser terminals can be integrated into other satellites.

Source: Gizmodo.

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