Some of the largest airplanes in the world

Check out the top 5 largest airplanes in the world:

1️⃣ Antonov An-225 Mriya
This colossal aircraft, known as the largest ever built, stretches its wingspan to a remarkable 88.4 meters, symbolizing the epitome of aerial innovation.

2️⃣ Scaled Composites Stratolaunch
With its distinctive double fuselage and capability to ferry rockets into the sky, this aircraft redefines the boundaries of airborne technology and exploration.

3️⃣ Airbus A380-800
A true icon of modern aviation, the Airbus A380-800 stands tall with a capacity of 400–550 seats, offering unparalleled comfort and luxury on long-haul journeys.

4️⃣ Boeing 747-8
As the epitome of the jumbo jet era, the Boeing 747-8 reigns supreme with a staggering capacity of 605 passengers, embodying the pinnacle of air travel comfort and efficiency.

5️⃣ Boeing 777-9
Set to revolutionize the skies, the Boeing 777-9 promises to soar higher and farther, with a spacious interior accommodating up to 426 passengers, ushering in a new era of long-haul travel.

Which one fascinates you the most? 🚀

Source: Aviation professionals and enthusiasts

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